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Conservation & Cost Share Programs

NHSWCD offers two voluntary, incentive-based conservation programs to New Hanover County landowners. These programs are the Community Conservation Assistance Program (CCAP) and the Agriculture Cost Share Program (ACSP). Both programs allow NHSWCD to use State appropriated funds to assist landowners in the design and implementation of stormwater best management practices (BMPs). The programs differ primarily in who can apply to which program. Click the map link to see where NHSWCD has already helped landowners in this county through these programs.

Community Conservation Assistance Program

CCAP is designed to improve water quality through the installation of stormwater BMPs in residential and commercial areas that have been developed for three years or more. CCAP helps educate residents about local water quality and stormwater management issues through the design and implementation of appropriate stormwater BMPs on residential, public and commercial properties. The program is designed to reimburse applicants up to 75% of the cost for the installation of each BMP.

Click here for more information about this program.

    Agriculture Cost Share Program

    In New Hanover County, the Agriculture Cost Share Program can assist farmers (including horse farms)     and timber owners with installing BMPs, such as erosion control or waste management. Participating     agricultural landowners receive 75% of the predetermined average cost of installed BMPs with the     remaining 25% paid by farmers directly or through in-kind contributions.

    Click here for more information about this program.