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Welcome to your New Hanover Soil & Water Conservation District web site! We are here to serve the community in several ways: to bring environmental education to any interested class, group or organization, to assist public and private land owners with  stormwater management, and to aid the community in open lands preservation and conservation. To learn more about your District click to download our informational brochure, then click to read our mission statement and learn more about Soil & Water Conservation District history and your local Board of Supervisors. 

If you are interested in serving on our Board as a Supervisor or Associate Supervisor, please contact us! We are currently seeking an enthusiastic and qualified individual to complete an appointed Supervisor term that ends December 2014.

Environmental Education

Environmental Education is the key to teaching present and future generations about our area’s unique and critical resources, and the importance of conservation. NHSWCD offers a variety of educational opportunities for pre-K to 12th grade students and adult community groups. All of our programs attempt to increase awareness of natural resources and ecosystems while encouraging life-long stewardship of our environment. We offer programs to all New Hanover County residents at no cost. Whether you are a public or private school teacher, a club supervisor, an HOA resident, or an interested church member, we can bring the lessons to you! Visit our Education & Outreach page to learn more about education opportunities.

Stormwater Management

Stormwater Management is critical to protecting the Cape Fear River and the beautiful tidal creeks in our county. New Hanover County is the second most densely populated county in the state. Runoff from impervious surfaces (roads, roofs, etc.), construction sites and agricultural lands is the major carrier of pollutants like soil sediment, fertilizers and bacteria that lead directly to our estuaries and watersheds. The NHSWCD can help you design, build and pay for changes to your property that will reduce the amount of pollutants delivered to local waterways and protect and enhance your property at the same time. Visit our Conservation Program page to learn more about these funding opportunities.

Open Lands Preservation

Open Lands Preservation is another way to protect the quality of our waterways by protecting important parcels of undeveloped land. The NHSWCD helps with conservation easements or the actual purchase of properties to protect important open space areas located in priority areas of the county, where there is a significant impact on water quality. Current focus areas for the District are the Hewletts Creek watershed (near Wrightsville Beach) and Eagles Island (across the Cape Fear River from downtown Wilmington). To learn more about opportunities to participate in these preservation efforts, visit the Eagles Island page.

Get Involved!

Districts were formed based on grassroots community involvement and we still function that way. NHSWCD offers several ways for you to make a difference in our local environment:

  • Volunteer to help with our storm drain marking program
  • Buy a rain barrel
  • Educate your Home Owner Association or other civic group by inviting us to give presentations
  • Watershed-wide community meetings and discussions
  • Installing practices on your property that reduce the flow of runoff and pollutants into local waterways

The District also provides a variety of information at different festivals and events around town and could use your help at these events:

You can view information about these events on our Volunteer & Job Opportunities page.

Participating in NHSWCD programs is just an e-mail or phone call away. Our staff are always willing to assist you in participating in our programs FREE OF CHARGE! For more information or to get involved contact Dru Harrison (dru.harrison_at_nhswcd.org) or Amy Long (amy.long_at_nhswcd.org) at 910.798.6032.